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Culture May 10, 2024

Making parenthood possible: Bread Financial™ and Progyny team up to support potential parents

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The following article may contain sensitive content that could be upsetting to some readers. 

Embarking on the journey to parenthood is a major milestone marked by hope, perseverance and the support of loved ones. At Bread Financial™, this journey was made possible for more associates with the addition of Progyny, a comprehensive fertility, surrogacy and adoption support benefit available to associates and their spouses. Since the benefit launched in 2022, hopeful parents like Kristen Crum and Deanna Allison gained newfound optimism and resources to realize their dreams of starting a family.  

The partnership between Bread Financial and Progyny stemmed from a shared wish for improved support. Director of Benefits, Well Being and Financial Programs at Bread Financial for over a decade, Deanna vividly recalls experiencing firsthand the complexities and frustrations of fertility assistance. “We can do better," she mentioned to her team after reaching a boiling point during her experience. “The patient experience is truly horrible. We should find a way to make this easier for our associates.” 

Collaborating with LivingWell Project Manager Maile Kusano, Deanna and her team began searching for prospective fertility assistance programs, which eventually led to the addition of Progyny to Bread Financial's benefits offering. And Deanna was one of the first associates to take advantage of the new program.  

Photo of newborn baby in a "Fresh Bread" onesieJust like countless experiences of other individuals and couples, her path to parenthood was like a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs. After years of setbacks, unanswered questions and patience wearing thin, she turned to Progyny for help shortly after its partnership with Bread Financial began. 

"Traditional IVF (in vitro fertilization) yielded no results," recalled Deanna. “(My husband, Ken, and I) never got anywhere with that path, and we very quickly went back to the doctor and asked, ‘what's next?’ He suggested that donor eggs would be something we should consider and that it would be a game changer.” 

Shortly after beginning this new strategy, which would not have been possible for Deanna and her husband before Progyny, their journey took an abrupt but joyous turn. “We started with 12 donor eggs. Eleven made it through and became embryos, but the very first one they transferred is now here with us!” 

Deanna gave birth to her daughter, Rosalee, on March 18, 2024. 

Kristen Crum and her husband, ChrisFor Kristen, a manager on Bread Financial’s talent experience team, the road to parenthood was also filled with uncertainty and financial strain. Despite these initial setbacks, Kristen's hope was restored when she joined Bread Financial in 2022 and gained access to Progyny’s resources. "It was truly transformative," remembered Kristen. “It just opened up new opportunities for my husband, Chris, and I. IVF was never on the table for us before but then all of a sudden, it was.” 

These new options gave Kristen and Chris newfound motivation in their journey, but soon after using the program’s services, the couple was forced to navigate tragedy. 

“We did implantation and I got pregnant but, unfortunately, we lost the baby,” Kristen said. “That was extremely hard, but we had a great new outlook on the process because we knew now that I could get pregnant. Because of the additional rounds and the benefit from Progyny, even though we lost that embryo, I can still go back to the fertility specialist and do more testing and get a different game plan together.” 

A unique aspect of the Progyny benefit is access to dedicated Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) who serve as resources, guides and support systems throughout the parenthood journey. Deanna underscored the valuable role that the PCAs play, comparing them to what a doula is for the birth process. Maile echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the emotional reassurance and logistical support offered by PCAs, which truly sets Progyny apart.

“The thing that made Progyny really stand out was the PCAs,” she said. “This is a very physically and emotionally taxing process, and a PCA really helps quarterback both sides of that experience for the member. You can talk to them about some of your mental or emotional challenges, and at the same time, you also can talk to them about how to get to the next step.” 

Through their shared experiences, Kristen and Deanna both offered advice to those considering embarking on their own parenthood journey. "Find a good support system," Kristen concluded. “At Bread Financial, there are people that I know who are going through Progyny and having a similar journey. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about it.” 

With the outstanding assistance Progyny offers, associates are empowered to write their own stories of parenthood - filled with hope, resilience and love. And its influence is already on display at Bread Financial as an annual review of clinical outcomes in 2023 showed that associates and their spouses had 11 pregnancies. 

“Progyny can really help everyone, no matter what issue you're running into,” Deanna added. “It's truly a one-stop shop for somebody who wants to be a parent.” 

Progyny can really help everyone, no matter what issue you're running into. It's truly a one-stop shop for somebody who wants to be a parent.” 

Deanna Allison - Director of Benefits, Well-Being and Financial Programs at Bread Financial

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