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Financial Innovation March 22, 2022

The rules of NextGen loyalty

NextGen-Loyalty report cover

Examining Gen Z, Millennials, and tomorrow’s loyalty landscape

We live in a time where change and choice are the only true constants.

Their influence on Gen Z and Millennials is simply undeniable. New experiences, innovative technologies, instant access to information, and an abundance of choices are continually changing how consumers engage with brands. It’s critical that we understand the impact on shopping behaviors and the influence on loyalty. That’s why Bread Financial is working to understand what’s next for consumers.

Recognizing that our two largest consumer segments yet, Gen Z and Millennials, are coming into their own, The Rules of NextGen Loyalty were developed to help brands understand motivations that influence brand connectivity and facilitate lasting loyalty.

Focusing on data-driven insights and drivers to predict and motivate shopping, engagement, and loyalty behaviors.

Through an advanced and progressive research process, The Rules of NextGen Loyalty reveal how Gen Z and Millennials are shifting tomorrow’s loyalty landscape.

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