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Culture March 22, 2024

Bangalore associate advances career through apprentice program

Equipped with fresh skills and knowledge from a nine-month apprenticeship, Manoj Kumar is empowered to thrive in a new, full-time role in Bangalore

Manoj Kumar is pictured at the Bread Financial office in BangaloreThrough various opportunities, tools and resources designed for the growth and development of its workforce, Bread Financial™ delivers on its commitment to empower its associates to thrive. Manoj Kumar, a data scientist, took advantage of one such opportunity – the Bread Financial Apprentice Program – which offers associates the opportunity to develop in corporate roles with the goal of permanent job placement. 

Beginning his Bread Financial tenure at the company’s Bangalore, India, office as a process analyst in 2021, an acquaintance would initially spark Manoj's interest in the rapidly evolving discipline of data science; an interest that would eventually lead him to take a giant leap of faith and embark on a new career path. 

“I began learning the basics on my own by watching videos and reading articles to understand how data science is being used in the industry,” Manoj recalled. “I was inspired by how data can be used to tell stories and solve problems.” 

The timing of his emerging passion could not have been better, as Bread Financial simultaneously announced its Apprentice Program. Eager to make connections, gain hands-on experience and the chance to earn a permanent role in the data field, Manoj quickly jumped at the opportunity to join the six-month program. 

“My favorite experience from the program wasn’t just gaining hands-on experience with machine learning algorithms or coding,” he said. “It was the mentorship, teamwork and resilience. I joined the program with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for data science, and I got a chance to work with and learn from some incredibly talented and experienced people.” 

In his early days as an apprentice, Manoj was paired with a seasoned data scientist, and he quickly began to learn the ropes of the field. Grateful for the guidance of both his mentor and new team members, he began with basic tasks before eventually navigating to more complex projects, all while mastering the art of problem solving, independent work and effective teamwork. 

“One of the challenges I faced was learning to work with large datasets, which required me to learn how to use different tools and techniques,” Manoj explained. “I had to learn how to simplify my language and explain complex concepts to non-technical audiences or stakeholders. I overcame these challenges with the guidance of my mentor and some self-learning, and I am now confident that I can overcome any challenge that I face in my career.” 

After completing the program nine months ago, Manoj was offered a permanent data science analyst role where he now works to predict customer behavior and provide critical consumer insights. And while he appreciates the knowledge gained as an apprentice, it is the memories and connections made that Manoj values most. 

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek help and explore new areas,” Manoj concluded. “Be curious and open-minded as you’ll be working with a diverse group of experienced individuals, so learn to collaborate effectively. Respect everyone’s ideas and contributions. There will be a lot of challenges during the apprenticeship, but surely that will help you grow the most. Lastly, enjoy the journey. The program is not just about the projects or the skills you’ll acquire; it’s about the friendships you’ll make, the mentors you’ll meet and the memories you’ll create. So, remember to take a moment to enjoy the journey.” 

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