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Products April 30, 2024

Bread Financial™ reduces plastic production with carbon-neutral credit cards

CO2 emission reduction concept in hand with environmental icons, global warming, sustainable development, connectivity and renewable energy green business background.

A time to celebrate our planet and protect it, April’s Earth Month is also an opportunity to raise awareness and showcase positive progress and initiatives taking place around the globe., the force behind Earth Day, focused its 2024 celebrations on the theme “Planet vs. Plastic,” emphasizing the collective need to reduce harmful plastic production to protect both human well-being and the planet’s health, with a goal of a 60% reduction by 2040.  

To do its part to mitigate climate change impacts, Bread Financial™ embraces environmentally responsible practices throughout the business, including through the introduction of its carbon-neutral credit cards.  

In 2022 and 2023, Bread Financial introduced its Bread Cashback™ American Express® and Bread Rewards™ American Express® products with certified carbon neutral plastics. Made from polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources like corn, the cards not only reduce the use of traditional, petroleum-based plastics, like PVC, but carbon emissions.

“Working to eliminate PVC from our card production and transitioning to carbon neutral materials like PLA represents a significant step towards minimizing our environmental footprint,” said Emily Schwing, general manager of direct-to-consumer lending products, Bread Financial. “These efforts not only align with our commitment to innovation and excellence, but also offer tangible benefits such as reducing our carbon emissions. We are proud to highlight how our sustainable practices not only help protect the planet, but also create value for our customers and stakeholders.” 

Working to eliminate PVC from our card production and transitioning to carbon neutral materials like PLA represents a significant step towards minimizing our environmental footprint."

Emily Schwing - General Manager of Direct-to-Consumer Lending Products, Bread Financial

But how does a credit card become carbon neutral? For Bread Financial, it means investing in eco-friendly card materials, while also offsetting the carbon emissions created during the card production process. To achieve this, the company used the Thales Gemalto Carbon Offset Program, a program that measures and compensates for the cards' carbon footprints. In 2023, Bread Financial issued approximately 685,000 PLA cards and is committed to increasing its digital services to reduce paper waste and further decrease its environmental footprint.  

For every million PLA cards produced, instead of traditional PVC, Bread Financial helps save 18 tons of carbon emissions and 4.5 tons of virgin PVC usage, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability through a significant reduction in carbon and plastic waste. 

For those inspired by Bread Financial’s initiatives and looking to reduce their environmental footprint, here are a few easy and cost-effective tips you can incorporate into your every-day life:  

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Start with the basics - reduce waste, reuse where possible and make recycling a habit. 
  • Go Digital: Opt for digital invoices and billing statements, tickets and subscriptions to cut down on paper use. 
  • Support Eco-Friendly Products: Choose products from companies that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.  
  • Offset Your Carbon Footprint: Calculate your personal carbon footprint and discover ways to reduce it with The Nature Conservancy's Carbon Footprint Calculator

The carbon neutral card program not only highlights how organizations can invest responsibly toward sustainability efforts but serves as a reminder that everyone can contribute toward a greener future. 

About Bread Financial™

Bread Financial™ (NYSE: BFH) is a tech-forward financial services company providing simple, personalized payment, lending and saving solutions. The company creates opportunities for its customers and partners through digitally enabled choices that offer ease, empowerment, financial flexibility and exceptional customer experiences. Driven by a digital-first approach, data insights and white-label technology, Bread Financial delivers growth for its partners through a comprehensive suite of payment solutions that includes private label and co-brand credit cards and Bread Pay™ buy now, pay later products. Bread Financial also offers direct-to-consumer products that give customers more access, choice and freedom through its branded Bread Cashback American Express® Credit Card and Bread Savings™ products.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Bread Financial is powered by its approximately 7,000+ global associates and is committed to sustainable business practices. To learn more about Bread Financial, visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter/X and Instagram.