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Report January 16, 2023

Sweet dreams are made of … more than doubling sales with Bread Pay™!

Newton Baby
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Newton Baby


Newton provides the whole family with safer, healthier, better products for rest and play. 

70% of overall sales attributed to SplitPay in 2021.*


Newton Baby launched seven years ago selling technology-focused crib mattresses that are fully breathable and completely washable. Believing sleep is the key to living a healthy and happy life, the idea behind everything they do revolves around safer, healthier, better sleep. They also offer baby monitors, covers, mattress pads, sheets, kids’ mattresses and pet beds.

Sleep is our passion. We have devoted years of research to creating solutions for better sleep for the entire family. Through this experience we have come to understand that the healthy development of your baby depends on you providing them with good quality sleep. So, we have dedicated Newton to helping you do just that."

Krystal Blackman-Navarrete - Director of Customer Experience, Newton Baby

A Bread Pay merchant partner since 2018, Newton Baby has capitalized on the success of Bread Pay’s SplitPay. After enabling SplitPay in November of 2020, sales more than doubled. In 2021, SplitPay composed 70% of total revenue. In fact, almost half of all sales since November of 2020 can be attributed to SplitPay.*

Bread Pay’s SplitPay product was pretty big for us when we implemented it and continues to be a good resource for us, for sure. SplitPay truly resonated with our customer base. We noticed strong customer demand for a pay-in-four solution. Instead of turning to other competitors in the market, we had a great partnership with Bread Financial and asked for a similar product to keep our financing under one umbrella. The numbers alone reflect the success of the adoption!"

Krystal Blackman-Navarrete - Director of Customer Experience, Newton Baby

*Cumulative data from the case study is based on the merchant’s loan and Bread Pay™ SplitPay activity dated February 2018 through July 2022. Results may vary by merchant and not all merchants will achieve these results.

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