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Financial Innovation October 6, 2021

Picking a payments provider without losing brand integrity

By Val Greer

To remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape, payments solutions providers must stay one-step ahead in innovation – creating seamless, convenient solutions for all stakeholders.

While many fintechs focus on their own growth, Bread Financial designed its product suite, the broadest in the market, to help its partners reach more of their customers. Our products and capabilities empower consumers to shop and pay across channels, and we simultaneously give our partners the tools to grow. Through best-in-class technology, customer-centricity and data insights, here’s a few ways how Bread Financial keeps its more than 600 merchant partners in mind when developing next-gen payment solutions.

1. Enhancing experiences through technology.

By prioritizing innovation and technology, Bread Financial’s recently launched Enhanced Digital Suite is a collection of digital capabilities and features that work together to complement a customer’s unique needs through real-time, tailored messaging, personalized product offerings and seamless experiences. Designed to increase sales and acquisition rates, Enhanced Digital Suite helps partners drive awareness and adoption of payment methods. It also reduces friction and makes it easy for customers to learn about, apply for and use their payment product of choice – without ever leaving the website of their favorite brands.

While today’s customers expect convenience and choice, those same expectations also create leading partner experiences. Using a unified software development kit, Enhanced Digital Suite is a fast and easy solution for our partners to implement. A digital, one-stop-shop, a partner can have Enhanced Digital Suite up and running on their website with just a few snippets of code.

2. Growing brands and loyalty

When developing products and capabilities, the sales conversion of our partners is our number one priority. We are deeply integrated with our partners to create a complete shopping journey, and we keep customers on the retailer’s site throughout the checkout experience - instead of sending them to a third-party vendor or forcing them to download an app. By keeping intermediaries out of the payment flow, we create a seamless experience, while also capturing a holistic view of customer behavior.

Our payment products also have the look and feel of each unique brand partner, unlike other providers who use their own branding on client sites. White labeling carries a lot of equity with shoppers and helps partners further grow their brands and increase loyalty.

3. Data makes the difference.

With an expanded product suite that includes buy now, pay later, installment loans and traditional credit products, Bread Financial can meet the unique needs of different consumer segments, including younger customers looking to build their credit. When coupled with advanced data insights, our capabilities allow us to provide a personalized experience by offering the product right for each customer in the channel of their choice.

Access to robust customer data also drives benefits for our partners. By providing self-service reporting and access to dedicated analytics support, deep consumer insights are readily available for partners to understand their customers. Additionally, breadth of data also positively affects underwriting, as we can score, and ultimately approve more applicants.

Brands considering a payments provider must keep their bottom line and best interests at the forefront. By leaning into technology, data and customer experience, Bread Financial are helping merchants grow their brand and business while empowering shoppers with the products they need and want.


Val Greer

EVP & Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Val brings extensive knowledge and leadership experience to her role where she is responsible for the growth and strategy of Bread Financial through product and capability development, enhanced customer experience, and the attraction and retention of merchants, customers, brand partners, and credit customers.