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Report March 30, 2018

How Digital Storm Saw a 2.65x Increase in Loan Volume After Switching to Bread

Digital Storm
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Digital Storm


Launched in 2002, Digital Storm has quickly established itself as a premier producer of some of the fastest desktops, laptops, and workstations in the market, as awarded by numerous industry publications.

2.65x increase in financed sales YoY

Digital Storm prides itself on its stellar customer service, high-quality products, superior reputation, and brand recognition. Its driving philosophy is to deliver cutting-edge technology and push the boundaries of performance to its customers.

According to Harjit Chana, founder and chief strategist, this promise and commitment to customer service includes the financing offer it extends to its customers. Due to the high price points and customized nature of its products, Digital Storm wanted to offer easy and affordable financing so its customers can pay over time, on their own terms.

Switching to Bread

Digital Storm initially opted to work with another financing company; however, they were intrigued by Bread’s full-funnel capabilities and long terms. The integration with their previous financing provider made it hard for their customers to discover financing, and the length of the loan terms were not well suited to the price points of their products. Digital Storm decided to partner with Bread to integrate financing earlier in the funnel, offer a 36-month loan option, and provide more opportunities for their customers to learn about financing and pay over time.

“Digital Storm sells high-quality, 100% customizable products, that are unmatched by any of our competitors, and that comes at a high price point. It is a price point our customers understand, but requires having a financing partner who is as technically advanced as we are and can offer our customers the same level of service they are used to from Digital Storm,” explained Harjit. “We were very intrigued when we learned about Bread’s full-funnel white-labeled approach. It gave us an opportunity to maintain control over our customer experience without making sacrifices on the financing side.”

Switching to Bread was absolutely the right decision for Digital Storm, the partnership empowers us to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to when and how we present the financing offer. The impact on our key performance metrics has been impressive, and our customers have really benefited from the 36-month term.

Full-Funnel and Longer Terms Drive More Sales

With Bread, Digital Storm was able to enhance their already strong path-to-purchase just in time for the 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The team took full advantage of Bread’s full-funnel approach, so customers could pre-qualify from anywhere on the site, and not just at checkout. “Bread’s full funnel integration worked even better than we had expected. Our customers were able to learn about financing as they browsed and built their custom computers, and as a result, we saw incredible lifts in both average order value (AOV) and sales attributed to financing,” Harjit said.

In a year-over-year comparison of the four-day holiday weekend, Bread outperformed Digital Storm’s previous financing partner twofold. After switching to Bread from their previous financing partner, Digital Storm saw a 2.65x year-over-year increase in financed sales and a 1.5x increase in the average order value of financed sales.

Over 69.3% of all customers chose a 36-month term, with 54.8% of customers pre-qualifying before they reached the cart. As a result, Bread has contributed to 34.9% of Digital Storm’s overall sales, a 2.27x increase versus their previous financing partner.