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Report November 24, 2023

The retailer's playbook for financing tools

Customers expect choice. They’ve evolved past the basic desires for retailers to accept cash and cards. In fact, the average customer will use multiple payment and financing types when shopping their favorite retailer. They’ll choose the option that makes the most sense for them in the moment — and that decision can change based on where the customer is shopping and how much they’re spending.

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About this study
To better understand consumers’ preferences and expectations in sales financing tools, Bread Financial conducted a study of 4,772 consumers who were planning to purchase or who have recently made a purchase in jewelry, furniture, electronics, home improvement, automotive, or at a medical or dental practice, and were open to financing that purchase.


Graphic with includes Bauhaus imagery, the Bread Financial logo, and image of a couple smiling while look at their cell phone, and the following text: "The retailer's playbook for financing tools."