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Report October 11, 2023

Demystifying buy now, pay later

Your customers want options. Take the mystery out of choosing the right ones.


Having the right financing and payment tools available can be the difference between closing the sale and a customer saying they’ll “come back later.” In fact, our research shows that 93% of buy now, pay later users say it’s important for retailers to accept payment options beyond cash, bank-branded credit cards and debit cards.

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To help us better understand what motivates consumers to choose buy now, pay later (BNPL) over other payment types, we conducted a survey of 1,077 Bread Pay™ users. These customers delivered $1.49 million in financed sales over a six-month period.


Through this research we were able to identify four keys to using BNPL to drive sales and loyalty back to your business. Download the report now for insights into how:


-BNPL helps you close the sale

-BNPL uncovers new customers who aren’t sold on store cards

-Merchants need payment options that solve for both their needs and customer expectations

-Service is still a critical piece of the puzzle


Woman wearing headphones celebrates while she makes an online purchase.