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Report October 23, 2023

2023 State of the American Shopper Report

Consumers are under pressure — but remain resilient.


In our second annual State of the American Shopper report, we discovered that prolonged inflation has taken a 
toll on consumers, reducing their purchasing power and taking a bite out of their wallets. In response, consumers are changing their behaviors: making tradeoffs, challenging their wants vs. their needs and increasingly looking for good deals.

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What you’ll find inside

This report creates a modern baseline for today’s shopper, including what the new “average” shopper looks like and how their outlook and behaviors change by life stage. Download the report to see how:


-Over half of consumers have become more budget-conscious and careful about what they spend, an upward trend from last year

-All generations are turning to non-traditional payment methods to make small purchases like gas and groceries

-Your age dictates where you shop


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