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Report October 23, 2022

2022 State of the American Shopper Report

Nearly three years after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, additional forces — including supply chain disruptions, remote working, increasing inflation, geopolitical instability and more — have converged to alter the way American consumers shop, pay and engage with brands. The 2022 State of the American Shopper report offers insights into who the American shopper is today and what the future might hold for both consumers and retailers.



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What you’ll find inside

This report creates a modern baseline for today’s shopper in our post-COVID world, including what the new “average” shopper looks like and how their outlook and behaviors change by life stage. Download the report to see how:


  • -Shoppers are coping with inflation, including the tactics students and young adults are using to pull back their spending
  • -Digital engagement changes by life stage, including surprising insights from the retiree segment
  • -Parents are focusing on both value and values in how they shop