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Report May 20, 2022

The Phoenix and Bread Financial aim to make men’s sexual health accessible to the masses

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The Pheonix


The world’s first home-use therapy device for men’s sexual health, The Phoenix is a revolutionary acoustic wave device for men sold directly to customers at an affordable price.

22% increase in sales YoY
16.4% higher financed AOV


The Phoenix is a revolutionary at-home acoustic wave device for men sold directly to customers at an affordable price. For the first time, clinical strength treatments for sexual health are now available at home. The Phoenix targets poor blood flow, the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, safely eliminates plaque in penile blood vessels, and triggers angiogenesis, the growth of more blood vessels.

“The Phoenix uses powerful, targeted sound waves (shockwaves) to non-invasively turn back the clock. We tell our customers when they use our device that ‘you’ll get back to the best you.’ And our partnership with Bread Financial ensures even more people are able to naturally treat themselves at home.”

—Dan Steiner, Chief Marketing Officer, The Phoenix

The Phoenix offers customers the ability to pay with installment loans ranging from three to 24 months and has seen the proven effectiveness of marketing “as low as” pricing to drive site traffic and sales. They incorporate Bread Financial into their marketing materials to highlight the affordability of their product. Taking advantage of applicant retargeting data, The Phoenix has systematically ingested it into their email service provider thanks to Bread Financial’s onCustomerClose.

We absolutely appreciate the level of white-glove service provided by Bread Financial’s highly responsive Merchant Success team. The regular performance reviews and personalized recommendations have allowed us to optimize our financing program. It’s no surprise that Bread Financial offers a superior product and is outperforming our previous provider Zip (formerly known as QuadPay).

Jon Hoffman, CEO and inventor, The Phoenix

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